Paper work
Make sure you have what you need to enter the country and equally important, all the documentation for your rifle.
1.    Passport
2.    Letter of invitation from CDPS. (Quick download tab)
3.    Have you filled in the questionnaire sent to you by CDPS?
4.    Contact details of CDPS.
5.    Firearm license and/proof of ownership.
6.    Medical insurance details and contact details.
7.    Next of kin details.
8.    Details (full address) where to send trophies.


When I pack my rifle and ammo:
Pack in hard case, but bring a soft case and ammo belt for during the hunt.
Pack ammo separately from the rifle, in a box that can lock but be easily accessible as you have to show this to the police when clearing your rifle.


Let your bank know that you are abroad and also increase your daily limit on your credit card.
Ask your bank in advance for traveler’s cheques, especially for big notes.
Money can be exchanged at Airport and in most towns.


Remember to take out medical insurance, cancellation insurance and insurance for personal belongings.


Medicine and prescriptions
Don’t get caught without or run out while on safari.
Malaria tablets.



  • International plug set. SA uses 220V.
    Sun screen and lip balm.
    Sun glasses
    Soft rifle case and ammo belt and pouches.
    Cameras and enough memory sticks, batteries and/or charger.
    Reading material and diary.
    Suitable clothes for the safari, day time, night time and just leisure.
    Well worn shoes.
    Hat or cap.
    Flash light.