Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to give you more information on my Safari Outfitters business. I have attached some information for you. What I also want to make you well aware of is that there are a lot of safari outfitters in the market, and before you choose one, make sure that they are members of PHASA-Professional Hunters Association of South Africa. This is very important because there are many businesses out there that are not legal. When you hunt with such a person you cannot be protected by PHASA in the case of any irregularity or problem arising between you and the Safari Outfitter. PHASA’s website is You will also get a lot of useful information on their website.

CDP Safaris offer photographic and hunting safaris in Southern Africa which includes South Africa and Botswana. We run a very professional safari business. Because it is my bread and butter I cannot afford to send clients back unhappy. I went through proper training in the tourism/hunting industry and that makes me a professional in my work that I have done for the last 17 years. I have done 13 years of intensive big game hunting in Botswana. My staff members are all well trained in their different positions. Camps are all comfortable with good food and beverages. My vehicles are well equipped. With all this mentioned, we will do our best to make your stay with us a memorable one.


Because each safari is different, I do not advertise my price list on the web site. That is why I need more information from you before I can give you a quotation which will be broken down in daily rates and animal trophy fees.


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Please remember to send this back to us for a complete quote.