Corne is passionate about developing and uplifting previously disadvantaged people and has devoted years to training guides. Several guides now have full guide licenses in Botswana, able to guide on horseback with rifles in big game areas.
Corne is also involved in the community. Chair person of the local farming support group, TOOG, with Pam as secretary. TOOG consists of over 40 members.

Corne and Pam are passionate about sharing their success with the communities that support them and from which his work force comes.


He supports the following:


Mpepule School – this is a 3 roomed school that has through necessity grown into a boarding school for the children that go there. Their parents work on farms in the area and they go home only on the month end weekend with their parents. Their need is great and ranges from food and clothes to teaching aids.

  • Sybrandt Strauss feeding scheme – Sybrant, since he retired, has been following Gods calling to feed the poor and hungry in our community. He is supported by businesses, farmers and private individuals and distributes food every fortnight to 14000 families. Corne supports him through supplying him meat from the hunts for distribution to the needy.

    • Through Sybrant we have made contact with other day centres that care for orphaned children – and we support them too with clothes, toys etc

  • PHASA Conservation Fund – This fund promotes and sponsors the education of previously disadvantaged people into the hunting and conservation profession. Corne in his personal capacity supports this fund and so can you with a €10 or $10 contribution per trophy taken.


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