CDP Safaris offers Leopard Safaris

CDP Safaris has obtained a leopard CITES Permits that permits a leopard to be hunted in the Limpopo Province, South Africa, during 2013, 2014 and 2015.
This was after an application was submitted to Nature Conservation motivating the issuing of a permit to this company. In this application CDP Safaris shared what this company is doing in respect to training staff, especially local people, community involvement and benefit.

CDP Safaris contributes to the following institutions:
·        A rural school – supplying meat, books, clothes, stationary
·        A massive one man feeding scheme that provides food to over 17 000 people every fortnight
·        You can read more of this on the web site:

Mpepule School

Before a leopard permit gets issued Nature Conservation evaluate the application. They confirm that there is a healthy leopard population in the area where the safari will be conducted. In the Waterberg Bushveld, Lephalale (Ellisras) area the leopards roam free and the population is healthy and stable.

Important for you to know is that the permit is only valid for each year. Confirmation for this tag must be done before 30 March of each year. The permit gets issued before the start of the safari in the name of the hunter. This permit is valid for the duration of the safari and not transferable.

When a permit gets issued, the hunting outfitter pays a Conservation Fund fee. This gets used for training previously disadvantaged people who can progress to qualify as Professional hunters.

CDP is very proud to say that Fanie Seloba and Jim Makgae attended this course and are both qualified Professional Hunters.

Fanie and Jim at PH Course

Hunting is a controversial issue, especially when it comes to a sensitive species like leopard. CDP Safaris wants to point out to you that if you book this leopard safari, you will not only experience the safari of a lifetime, but that your support will also contribute to wildlife conservation and to helping people. This is truly sustainable utilization; it is viable to shoot 1 leopard in the area and by so doing benefiting many under privileged people.